Stringent chains of evidence provide solvability ratings over 95% for both surface or dark web data.

Powered by AI, our tailored solutions help investigators identify child exploitation, human trafficking, drugs and narcotics, cyber terrorism, and homicide. We help law enforcement gather intelligence about the person of interest on the surface and dark web within hours. Our technology supports the work you do while helping frontline officers spend less time on investigations, and more time taking action.

Global Intelligence bridges the gap between legacy digital options and state-of-the-art cyber technology.

Powered by CyberCheckwe want to help transform the way policing in this cyber age occurs. Reduce investigation time and make the most out of your resources. Using open-source intelligence, we perform real-time analysis across the web to create an authenticated narrative with actionable insights on your person of interest.

  • No More Manual Search

    Whether suspect, victim or location, simply enter as much or as little information you have and you’re done.

  • Zero Effort Reporting

    Get in-depth intelligence-based reports delivered straight to your inbox in under 48 hours.

  • 5-Layer Authentication

    Our intelligence passes through five layers of analysis where each layer must agree with all other layers.

  • Facial Verification

    We analyze photos or videos so you can identify more suspects and victims than ever before.

CyberCheck Highlights

  • Real-time collaboration

    View and track intelligence as-it-happens with instant updates between field agents and AI technology.

  • Supply Chain

    Supply chain/profit motive visualization model of supply and demand for illegal activity comparisons.

  • Identifiable

    Light-speed identification that detects even the most subtle and discreet patterns and markers of MO.

  • Tracking

    CyberCheck automates the process of tracking data to the relevant case files for quick and easy access.

  • Transactions

    The ability to track payments and interactions through both the surface and dark web.

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