Checkmate is cyber threat intelligence tool that detects leaked data within minutes and allows you to identify where and how a breach occurred.

With Checkmate, Security Operation Centers will reduce the time it takes to identify and contain a breach for their clients.  Checkmate will tell you what data, where on the network it came from and what credentials were used to access it.  In addition, Checkmate will also tell you where online the data is and how it is being used.

If you are a business completing a merger or acquisition or a venture capital firm looking to invest in a company, making sure to check the target company for leaked data is crucial.  This can have huge implications on a company valuation and cause major liability down the road.  During your cyber due diligence process, utilizing Checkmate to obtain an easy-to-read report that will identify any potential risks.

  • API

    Seamlessly integrate with your existing system for faster responses.

  • 5-Layer Authentication

    Our intelligence passes through five layers of analysis where each layer must agree with all other layers.

  • Real-Time Analysis

    We perform real-time analysis without having to download and apply analytics against data sets.

  • 24/7 Monitoring

    Get notified of threats in real-time, via SMS or email, to stay one step ahead and save mitigation time.

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