Law Enforcement Solutions

Stringent chains of evidence provide solvability ratings over 95% for both surface or dark web data.

We provide a range of cyber investigation solutions for law enforcement departments and teams that work across the globe. Powered by AI, our tailored solutions help investigators identify and prevent child exploitation, human trafficking, drugs and narcotics, cyber terrorism, and human trafficking lists. Our technology supports the work you do while helping frontline officers spend less time on investigations, and more time taking action.

Forensic laboratories have to manage overwhelming volumes of complex data. Police agencies and law enforcement specialists must now regularly analyze critical digital and cyber evidence during investigations.

Global Intelligence bridges the gap between legacy digital options and state-of-the-art cyber technology.

Powered by Grizzly, we want to help transform the way policing in this cyber age occurs. Our Cyber DNA Engine simplifies recovery, analysis, reporting, and sharing of evidence. Cyber tips are enhanced, and additional cases created from tips internal to our system. This additional information identifies key indicators of distributors, producers and consumers and the types of infrastructure and applications used.

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Solutions For:


    Having personal information about offender or victim names, photos, or other information provide the basis for customized searches through extensive data feeds. Resolve imported Cyber tips in real-time.


    Find people and their acts of terrorism or extremism; including propaganda sharing, threats, election interference, altering or destroying data, hacking, planting viruses, and other terror-related events.


    Our relationship with Amazon allows us to track supply chain interactions through surface and dark web, processing approximately 15 Petabytes of data every three months.


    We maintain a human trafficking list, and when criminals make mistakes in cyberspace, Grizzly is watching. The auto-notification process allows investigators to follow up on new tips, even for cold cases.


How do you find information on a person?

Our software searches all corners of the internet, whether surface or darkweb, regarding a suspect, victim or person of interest.   As the system gathers the information it builds a profile detailing the information obtained regarding the individual, or group of individuals, and delivers it to the end user in a story narrative approach.

What information is needed to find a person?

The system needs as little as one piece of information as an input.  Examples range from name, address, photo, IP address, email, phone number or online alias.

What is Grizzly?

Grizzly is an investigative and intelligence global real-time platform capable of collecting, processing and analyzing unique data sets throughout all corners of the internet.  Grizzly presents detailed intelligence around individuals and events as a narrative story.

What countries can I use Grizzly in?

Grizzly is not limited geographically because it is not limited to any form of global or regional geofencing.

What led to the creation of Global Intelligence Inc?

Hearing stories of those victimized by child exploitation and human trafficking, we felt compelled to bridge the gap. With experience in law enforcement, we saw technology could bridge between ethics, privacy, and the need for actionable intelligence in a safe, legal, and secure manner.

How do you keep my data secure and private?

From infrastructure security through to application layer security, we deploy multiple levels and segregation controls which makes up our, and our clients, security zone models.  This includes detection (active), integrated encryption services, data classification within our data stores and active threat hunting against our public and internal exposure levels.

How do you prevent unauthorized access?

Our security zone models grant access based on data classification and data governance.  All accounts are vetted beyond industry standards and then approved through account and audit controls.

How do I report security vulnerabilities?

All security vulnerabilities can be reported to security(at)

How do I get in contact for a free demo?

To request your personalized demo with a member of our team please click here.

How do I get in touch?

Please visit out contact us page or send an email to inquiry(at)

How do I report child exploitation or trafficking?

We do not facilitate the reporting of child exploitation however we urge anyone with information regarding this type of activity to please submit a tip online at

How does the billing work?

Global Intelligence is billed on a per concurrent use basis.