Global Intelligence bridges the gap between digital and cyber investigations.

Investigators and intelligence analysts can triage data, whether minimal data is provided or through big data analytics, around an incident. Therefore, focusing the investigation on pertinent information prior to analyzing digital devices.

With Global Intelligence systems, investigators see into cyberspace. Simply log on to your private Grizzly portal and input whatever information you have so far. Add names, photos, usernames, phone numbers, aliases, email addresses, locations etc. to form a narrative.

Then, use the information found on Grizzly to build a case for search warrants and subpoenas. Grizzly filters the data to determine what is relevant, providing officers with a geographical focus. Now, agents can predict where and when is likely to occur, by following cyber patterns left by suspects on the internet.

Grizzly, from Global Intelligence, bridges the gap between tips to search warrant. There is no hardware to plug in. No cables. And no devices to pack around.  No need to access suspect laptops. Take any tip. Plug that information into your private IRIS portal.

In minutes, Global Intelligence finds every cyber trail as a foundation to support building more evidence.