Powered by AI, we help law enforcement, government agencies, and enterprise clients find information fast to resolve the complex dynamics of cyber investigations.

Global Intelligence Inc. was founded by Adam Mosher out of Fredericton, NB, Canada. With his background in behavioural forensics investigations, he saw a lack of investigative tools between cyber tips and the subpoena process. Originally built for child exploitation and human trafficking investigations but as the technology grew Adam realized it could also be used across all types of investigations in multiple industries

To provide valuable, credible, and actionable intelligence worldwide.

Corporations, governments and law enforcement agencies face a mountain of increasingly complex data. We use patented machine learning and AI

Greater Efficiency Uncovering Critical Digital Evidence

  • Artificial Intelligence, or AI, traditionally refers to a computer that learns, reasons, perceives, or processes language. Computers with artificial intelligence software work on their own without constant supervision. The software learns how to respond by using algorithms and historical data. Then it can start making predictions. In criminal investigations, Global Intelligence Inc. AI searches for evidence and identifies potential perpetrators by sorting through digital information called Cyber DNA.

  • Machine Learning is a subset of artificial intelligence. Machine Learning focuses on statistics to learn from data. Currently used in many industries, machine learning helps with image processing, predictions, classifications and other ways that data is organized and analyzed. Instead of programming a computer with every step, Global Intelligence machine learning uses past experience to learn new tasks and predict the movements of suspected criminals, making them easier to find.