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Global Intelligence Announces New Brunswick Expansion

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Today, CyberNB has announced the establishment of Global Intelligence in New Brunswick. Global Intelligence is a flexible technological and business framework that is used to combat various cybercrimes and cybersecurity threats. The technology collects, disseminates and presents in narrative format actionable intelligence data throughout cyberspace in order to build cases against cybercriminals.

CyberNB spoke to Adam W. Mosher of Global Intelligence to learn more about why New Brunswick was the best place to establish the company.

CyberNB: Can you give us a brief overview of Global Intelligence and what your role is there?

Mosher: I am the Founder and CTO of Global Intelligence, which is a cyber forensics and intelligence gathering company for governments, law enforcement, public safety, and intelligence agencies. We provide an intelligence and investigative framework that combines big data behavioural analytics and traditional computing technologies and protocols.

Why would you say New Brunswick is the right fit for Global Intelligence?

New Brunswick’s government initiatives through CyberNB and ONB have been supportive in our area of business and identified cybersecurity as a priority. ONB has supported Global Intelligence to grow within the New Brunswick cybersecurity ecosystem and our staff is all based in the Fredericton area as well.

What would you say is Global Intelligence’s biggest differentiator in the marketplace?

Our ability to provide a detailed and actionable human readable narrative around criminal events. We’ve moved past the alerting stages of criminal activities into providing case and intelligence files which are ready for actioning.

Do you believe everyday people understand the risks associated with cybercrime?

No. There is too much information provided to end users with only a small amount being consumed. We seem to be inundated with so much information that the valuable information, which is few and far between seems to slip through the cracks for the end user.

Global Intelligence is adding five new full-time employees within the next year, what kinds of skills are you looking for in these new hires? 

So far, we have hired the following full-time positions; Technical Liaison working with law enforcement, a Technical Lead for research and development, and a Data Scientist. We are still looking to hire Security Leads and Data Analysts. 

Have you been successful in finding qualified candidates for these positions in our ecosystem?

We have taken a bit of a different approach around that because one of our employees is directly out of the Canadian Institute for Cybersecurity at UNB and he is extremely well connected in terms of students and skillsets within graduating students. So, we have been hiring a mix of seasoned professionals along with recruiting directly out of university. We are not necessarily only looking for years of experience, we are looking for passion and the skillset to do the job that is required.

New Brunswick’s cybersecurity ecosystem continues to grow. CyberNB and ONB have recently partnered with SiemensCanadian Nuclear LaboratoriesDifenda, and now Global Intelligence in making the move to New Brunswick. With more world-class partners joining our ecosystem every day, New Brunswick is the cybersecurity epicentre of Canada.

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Written by Laura Sehl

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