Vet smarter, faster and mitigate risk with Blindspot. Whether you’re hiring or considering a new partnership or affiliate, Blindspot goes ones step further so you can feel confident.

Gather relevant intelligence throughout the surface and dark web on a suspect or victim. All relevant data to the crime is returned in a report with a narrative around the crime.

Simplify the process of identifying your business’ online risk with 24/7 dark web monitoring detecting leaked data from a breach within minutes.

Advanced Cyber Investigations

Just like you, we’re driven by an unfaltering passion to protect the innocent victims of crime.

Our tailored solutions bridge the gap between cyber and digital investigations, giving you precision-picked access to vital data found on both the surface and dark web. With our powerful platform, you can now leverage our portal and get access to the information you need immediately, in a single efficient click.

With Global Intelligence systems, you can see cyberspace in a way that’s wholly pertinent to your investigations, and your people of interest.
We’ve created a platform that is easy to navigate and highly intuitive. You can start with minimal input and build substantial narratives of actionable, relevant data to support your case.

We’re proud to work with law enforcement, government, corporate intelligence and investigative teams around the globe.


Global Intelligence is a cyber intelligence SaaS company. We perform open-source intelligence gathering throughout the surface, deep and dark web and then, using our proprietary machine learning and AI, surface relevant intelligence to help resolve cyber investigations for law enforcement, government agencies and enterprise.

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