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With investigative solutions for employee misconduct, IP theft, background checks, data misuse, and fraud, our technology will enable you to reduce your organization’s vulnerability and resolve issues as they arise. Our software assists employee or contractor checking and deep cyber investigations.

With solutions for cyber terrorism, drug and narcotics, exploitation and tracking, we offer real benefits for law enforcement. Our solutions can reduce investigation time by providing concrete, relevant evidence ready for arrest warrants or subpoenas; helping you build stronger cases that close quicker.

Our solutions power strategic investigations in terrorism, human trafficking, and counterintelligence, offering immediate access to precision-picked data. Our SaaS provision collects, processes, and analyzes data from the surface and dark web to pinpoint the who, what, where, and when of a potential crime.

Advanced Cyber Investigations powered by CyberCheck

Just like you, we’re driven by an unfaltering passion to protect the innocent victims of crime.

Our tailored solutions bridge the gap between cyber and digital investigations, giving you precision-picked access to vital data found on both the surface and dark web. With our powerful platform, you can now leverage our portal and get access to the information you need immediately, in a single efficient click.

With Global Intelligence systems, you can see cyberspace in a way that’s wholly pertinent to your investigations, and your people of interest.
We’ve created a platform that is easy to navigate and highly intuitive. You can start with minimal input and build substantial narratives of actionable, relevant data to support your case.

We’re proud to work with law enforcement, government, corporate intelligence and investigative teams around the globe.


CyberCheck never sleeps so you can.

CyberCheck Highlights

  • Real-time collaboration

    View and track intelligence as-it-happens with instant updates between field agents and AI technology.

  • Supply Chain

    Supply chain/profit motive visualization model of supply and demand for illegal activity comparisons.

  • Identifiable

    Light-speed identification that detects even the most subtle and discreet patterns and markers of MO.

  • Tracking

    CyberCheck automates the process of tracking data to the relevant case files for quick and easy access.

  • Transactions

    The ability to track payments and interactions through both the surface and dark web.

About Global Intelligence Inc.

Global Intelligence supports investigations and intelligence operations globally, powered by CyberCheck.

CyberCheck automatically finds those who don’t want to be found, while saving investigators and intelligence analysts vital time in the process. Our solutions can be customized and built around a specific function, process, or requirement; our CyberCheck portal is tailored to your individual needs.

As a behavioural forensics application provider, we deliver our solutions securely and remotely – and you do need to have physical access to a device. Our solutions acquire, collect, and analyze data that powers investigations and intelligence-driven activities in both the public and private sectors.

Frequently Asked Questions

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